Lead Article – May 2022

Lead Article – May 2022


It is both fascinating and infuriating that little seems to change in the medicolegal sphere. There have been some major advances over the last decade or two with PIPA and the CLA but in general terms, claims are claims are claims.

The same old injuries, the same old symptom complexes, the same old functional impairments all seem to return with little modification and identical stories.

Our system of compensation becomes ever-more expensive and the furnaces of all the professionals involved are fueled regularly.

So repetitive are these claims, it occurs to me that a relatively simple system of classification could be created and a “no fault” insurance system inducted.  There will be variations from the mean and some claimants may do better, whereas others may miss out. In general terms however, it could make the system far less clumsy, much more cost-effective and less draining on resources.

The Kiwis seem to cope!