General Advice – April 2022

General Advice – April 2022

Why Do Orthopaedic Surgeons Do It?

Orthopaedic Surgeons who proffer advice through medicolegal reports are usually motivated by at least two stimuli.


The first is a genuine interest in matters of both medical and legal consequence. They have sometimes been litigants themselves, have sometimes been the subject of severe accidents and have a real, abiding interest in the milieu. Almost without exception, these reporters are excellent.

The second stimulus in in pursuit of filthy lucre. Some colleagues see this as a lucrative route to financial success. Fees are usually set unilaterally, there is no guarantee of quality and “after sales service” is often non-existent. Unfortunately, some Orthopaedic Surgeons resist the provision of medicolegal reports until they are in their last year or two of practice. Not all of them possess the necessary skills, some are well and truly out of date and others treat it with mirth.

Requesting solicitors are advised to choose from the first group.