Case Vignette – March 2022

Case Vignette – March 2022

I Sometimes Change My Mind

Prior to seeing a patient for a personal injury claim, I read the available documentation. This includes hospital and medical notes, recordings from the general practitioner and importantly, specialty notes and reports. Understandably, I form an opinion about the matter before I actually see the plaintiff. I almost always do it. I can’t seem to help myself.

Frequently, after taking a full history, performing a thorough physical examination and reviewing the ancillary investigations, my mind is changed, sometimes through 180°.

There will be many reasons for this seismic shift and they include the failure of some experts to have had access to all of the relevant data, misinterpretation of data, the failure to glean a proper history and the basing of opinions on falsehoods.

Far from finding this circumstance distressing, I find it very refreshing. Whilst I am tempted to pre-judge, I genuinely endeavour to keep an open mind. This is one form of evidence that I might be successful.