General Advice – November 2021

General Advice – November 2021

Some Things Never Change

I have had an undying interest in medicolegal reporting for four decades. There have been some changes over that period and in particular, the Court processes do appear to have been streamlined. Conversely, and probably unsurprisingly, some things just never change.

There are some patients who disingenuously attempt to milk the system and gain as much traction as they can with their insurance claims.

Others are at the other end of the spectrum and it is necessary to drag even the most major complaints out of them, despite them having been very severely injured.

I had hoped that there would be a contraction from both ends of this spectrum as the years went by.  It seems not.  Almost every day, I am astonished by the performance of some plaintiffs.

I would suggest that when you are sending your plaintiff along for a medicolegal examination, you advise them to simply tell the truth.