Case Vignette – August 2021

Case Vignette – August 2021

Horses are Heavy

A 28-year-old secretary was visiting a local winery on a Sunday afternoon. By all accounts, she enjoyed herself enormously. The food was excellent, the wine flowed copiously and although she was able to walk to her car, considerable aid was required.

She demanded a detour en route to the car park. She had spied three chestnut geldings in a nearby paddock. Imbued with both liquor and love for animals, her approach was too close. The nearside front hoof of one of the big fellas trod on her sandalled toes.

Her state of inebriation was such that she probably didn’t feel a lot, although three of her digits were amputated immediately and the remaining two looked quite dusky. Over the next several weeks, one of those two toes required amputation but the fifth digit (her hallux or great toe) was saved.

Many months of rehabilitation followed and her claim included Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Although there was no padlock on the gate to the horses’ paddock, it was firmly closed and required two hands to disengage the catch. There was also a small sign warning guests about entering the paddock and identifying it both as private property and a container of danger.

Whilst everybody was very sympathetic, her claim was ultimately unsuccessful. It just goes to show – not all long lunches end well.