General Advice – May 2018

We Get What We Pay For!

I am a commercial animal. I understand a balance sheet, see a need to reconcile revenue with expenditure and generally make a profit.

I also understand the need to advertise, engage with the market and explore a niche within the industry.

GA 6 May 2018


One such niche is occupied by the “no win–no fee” law groups. They have my support. They fill a void. They have the ability to provide great assistance to many people who would otherwise have no access to legal redress.

It is important for these “no win–no fee” law groups to maximise their efficacy and concentrate on cases that are both worthy and meritorious. To do so requires a special foresight.

That foresight can be assisted by preliminary advice from a medical expert. Whilst the “no win–no fee” law group may have a sense of the likelihood of success or otherwise with a particular claim, there will be instances where the nuances and vagaries are too complex. In this situation, I would suggest that you do call an expert and ask for some preliminary advice. If the case has legs, you can proceed with greater confidence. Conversely, if the expert in whom you have confidence holds a contrary view, it may be more prudent not to proceed.

GA 7 May 2018

And now for the rub. The managing lawyer must also understand that this preliminary advice comes at a cost. Expecting the advice for free or asking the medical expert to amortise his fee over future work is not acceptable. There comes a time when commercial reality must be recognised.

In essence, we get what we pay for.

GA 8 May 2018